Out of Control

By mephisto_007
Jul 1, 2005
  1. I'm testing my new Thunder KST880 PMX-4D Mixer with EV-Co11 mic... It seem the quality of recording is quite better than my 10 Dollars computer mic. The sound doesn't seem what I have expected, perhap the mixer is not good quality, who know....

    Anyway here my new track

    [Verse 1]
    Reconizing for the fact - virtualized fatality
    Decease release finds its peace places in cemetery
    Grief I fought sorrow died by the hand of God
    What I want? Will be done but it won't restart
    I torture me for the sake of my family
    You can't reach or feel me I’m like steel ya'll never see
    Anyone dare confront result straining agony
    Seeing through my devil eyes do you hear my cry?
    I'll pray for the day when they - ready to bury me
    Underneath i see corpses dispose no mercy
    They'll never understand comprehend where i been
    I can't be reach or touch - feeling it
    Like a dream, i can't stare the beam it supreme
    The intense was meant to burn me alive
    The wraith of Spirit cannot restrain my life
    I meant to die but I’m still standing strong with my eyes
    Open - they won't renounce till i collapse - trapping me?
    Except they mislead i will not - disappearrrrrrrrr
    If I ever gone you wouldn't have any idea
    Death is a way use to express my way
    Rail against like i never been? They truly mistaken
    They'll be shaking drop off their faking
    Incite my conscience annihilate yourself
    I'm Freddy in your dream bring you to Hell

    Chaos merging conflicting, deputing, offending
    Devotion, commotion, promotion, abortion
    Seem like yesterday we use to play still ally
    Now sudden change you wanna crush my brain
    Assassinate me in the name of the game?
    You **** up the game just for fame - damn
    Come into my sight just to hear my speech
    Reminiscing all the **** you eat now you wanna spit on me?
    Couldn't be any wise - trying to mess around on me
    What you won't believe, I still don't give a damn
    Play your fame, I’m the same **** your game
    It contain - you strive to conquer but you failll

    I recall all the action you sail out of trailllllll
    You ain't never gonna ride me - unfor-tunatetly
    You nothin but a scumbag ready
    To tag-along supplementary by gone on and on
    Contemplating about my action
    Totally - forgotten how, why, where I been?
    End pretending - stop imagine - you suspending
    Alter your demand - cuz i am in command

    Look like we have some misunderstanding around here
    Need to recorrect the issue before it getting out of control

    Better recognize and don't try to **** it
    Before it fade away best achieve believe it
    Cuz you'll never understand the plan of a crazy man
    When he ready to do anything that he willing to die for
    Completely **** up in the brain still remain unchanged
    Constantly all'ya tryin to do is push me away -
    But the harder your try to push the backfire ya'll face
    Its not a test don't try to take a rest and take a guess
    My folks won't talk and smog about it
    Absolutely you're can tolerate to tackle me in one condition only
    Don't **** with my family - believe me you won't see the light
    Even I have to die kamazie my life anytime day and night
    Name it ima claim your ****ing life
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