Out of Range signal

By gregarion
Apr 17, 2007
  1. hello dudes. i need serious help for my computer. OKay, my spec of my cpu would be AMD Athlon(tm) 64*2 dual , core processor 4200+ , 2.21 GHz , 1.0 GB of RAM. im using a radeon x1650 graphic card with ATI Catalyst control centre installed. IM using a LG 1953s lcd screen.

    THe first game i installed was MEdal of Honour (Pacific assult) and i first set the graphics to 1024 * 768 60 hz refresh. but after a few minutes in the game, the monitor would go blank and a blue messge come out saying signal out of range followed by 34.5/ 43hz. The weird thing is, i then tried setting my com resolution to 1280 * 1024 with a refresh rate of 75 hz, the error message would come out saying " 36.3/34hz". now it seems that my refresh rate has dropped.

    Is there any way i can solve this issue. it not only happening to this game but also to my splinter cell game. i tried setting the splinter cel to 800 * 600 but the same thing happens. I beg for your help
  2. raybay

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    Something is wrong with your setup of the LG. Take a closer look at how the monitor is setup... as something is incorrect between your LCD screen and the Video graphics... Also take a look at your Display Settings in the control panel to see what happens when you change display settings.
  3. gregarion

    gregarion TS Rookie Topic Starter

    about my LG

    well, what could be set up wrongly? i tried uninstallinh my driver for my LG and installing it again. Everything seems fine. For my LG, the refresh rate was 60 and could be set to 75 but i have tried both of it and the same prob happens. i have wondered why is it that it takes some time when im playing the game till the prob happens.

    I dont think my screen cant handle the refresh rate cos i have set my game mode to 800 * 600 before, but it still happens. andi dont think its the graphics card prob cos i just got it tested at the shop dat day...so what else can be the prob? Could u explain what u mean by checking out my display settings and all
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