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By cragwin
Aug 11, 2006
  1. when i play videos on windows media player, it goes out of sync after the 'commercials/break'. the commercials have been edited out and the show cuts straight back in as if there were no commercials. but it seems to only go out of sync after when the commercial would have been.

    It does this little weird distorted pixel thing for about 2 secs after every commercial too, and then carries on but out of sync.

    ive been watching these shows for ages but its only recently decided to go all weird.
    maybe theres a codec that could sort this out?!

    any ideas?
  2. fish4specs

    fish4specs TS Rookie Posts: 40

    How was the video captured and how where commercials cut out? If captured to tape media first, a lose of "control track" can cause a lose of time code. If this occurs the video and audio may be out of sync when captured on computer. I have seen this when capturing from dvcam tapes that begin to wear out. A "glitch" on the tape causes an interuption to the time code ,when captured on comp. there is a lose of sync. If commercial were cut out via tape pause then record, this can occur. If same video file has played correctly in the passed, the lose of control track may have corrupted the file. Some players are more tolerant than others, maybe try anther player like Divx player. You may also be able to correct this via video editng software.
  3. cragwin

    cragwin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    im watching shows like my name is earl, lost etc.
    i have divx, the symbol comes up when i play videos on windows media player so its still being used even if i play it with windows media player.
  4. fish4specs

    fish4specs TS Rookie Posts: 40

    In media player try going "Tools" "Options" the "DVD" tab. Bottom should have "Advanced" Click then "System Tab" There should be a slider for syncing audio and video. I have AC3 audio codec installed so your system may be different.
    Are these videos you have watched before an were in sync? Sounds like an error when capturing to me.
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