Outlook 2003 rules not working

By milky · 5 replies
May 8, 2007
  1. my rules won't run in Outlook 2003. Every time I create a new rule and select "run rules now on messages already in this folder", nothing happens. Then if I create the same exact rule again, it works. But then new incoming emails that the rule should apply to don't follow the rule.
    Also, if I try to run rules manually through tools/rules and alerts, all my rules are listed, but when I click on Run Rules Now... a window pops up and asks which rules to run, but there are no rules to select.
    Also, when I first open tools/rules and alerts, I can't delete any rules.

    I recently downgraded from Office 2007 Beta2 when the trial ran out. This caused a couple of other problems which I have fixed. Could this be another downgrade problem?
  2. Tedster

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    use thunderbird. A far better and easier program than outlook. Plus it's free.
  3. milky

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    thanks tedster, but that is not the solution I'm looking for.

    if your dog gets sick, do you just throw it out and get a new one?
  4. rohit2900

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    Can anyone post a reply to this problem? As I'm too facing the same problem.

  5. ShipMaster

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    Very interesting analogy, and I like it. Sorry I could not add to the thread.
  6. kerz

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    Re: can't run rules

    I know this is an old post but I had the same problem and found a solution for myself.

    After I created the Rule, I noticed that (in brackets) after the rule name it said (For other machine)

    I selected the rule and then selected 'Change Rule'. Then 'Edit rule settings'

    At the very top of the 'Rules Wizard" options I unselected 'on this machine only' and wham-o, the rules show-up. (don’t for get to pick which mail box you want to run it from if you have multiple ones.

    Hope this helps
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