Outlook Express 6 Inbox Emails Gone while Compacting

By hidetoslave
Mar 21, 2007
  1. I have a problem with outlook express 6 and hope somebody can help me.

    I was checking my emails and was about to switch to another identity in my Outlook express then this message came: "To clear up disk space, Outlook express can compact your messages" or something like that. I chose YES and then outlook express started compacting my messages.

    However in the middle of operation, my computer froze (we call it hanged here).. so nothing was working and I decided to restart my laptop.

    When I opened by laptop again, ALL MY INBOX EMAILS WERE GONE.

    Will I still be able to recover them? I havent clicked anything (except restarting the computer) when my computer froze.

    Somebody help :(
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