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Outlook Express - randomly resets the "Leave a copy on Server" option

By John_E ยท 5 replies
Jan 12, 2005
  1. Running Outlook Express 6.0 on Windows 2000 all latest service packs and updates for both. Also installed is Outlook 2003.

    Outlook is used for Office e-mail and can not be removed.

    OE6 is used for personal e-mail accounts and News group access which is required for job support.

    I have 2 e-mail accounts set up in OE6 and the "Leave a copy on server" checkbox is supposed to be checked all the time for both accounts. On average about once a month the box becomes unchecked on one or both accounts. This is a problem because quite often I will read and delete e-mails thinking that the e-mails will be retrieveable at home from the server. When I find that the e-mails are not on the server I can look back at the office and find that "leave a copy on server" check box is unchecked. I am the only one with access to my machine and those accounts. Has any one heard of this before? I was unable to come up with anything on the MS support knowledge base. and don't think that I should be charged $ to report a bug to Microsoft through their tech support.
  2. John_E

    John_E TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No one has any ideas of why this happens? Only 20 people even read this what gives?
  3. Gup20

    Gup20 TS Rookie

    I think this may have something to do with MS Outlook. This has happened to me multiple times in MS Outlook 2002, and MS Outlook 2003. I, too, and curious to see if anyone has an answer.
  4. John_E

    John_E TS Rookie Topic Starter

    At least I now know I'm not alone on this one.
  5. richlove

    richlove TS Rookie

    Leave a copy of messages on the server - Outlook Bug

    I found a bug in Outlook that causes a setting to not be remembered. Leave a copy of messages on the server is not remembered when you quit unless you click OK then Next then Finish. If you just click OK and then close the window, it only remembers the setting as long as Outlook is running, then forgets when you quit.

  6. ArtF

    ArtF TS Rookie

    Also got unchecked in OE

    Within the past two weeks my Outlook Express "leave copy on server" box also unchecked itself. All I can deduct (from my Windows update history) is that within that same period Microsoft automatically downloaded and installed "fixes" to OE. They must have overwritten my previous selections with no notice. I lost my backup archive of e-mail on the Earthlink Webmail server which I used to copy critical e-mails to two computers after individually deleting junk. Apparently unchecking the box erases ALL PREVIOUS history of mail saved on that server plus mail from that point forward. I have griped to Earthlink but get no satisfaction since "Microsoft did it". Did Microsoft program what Earthlink's server does when the box is newly unchecked??
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