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By group54
Nov 24, 2003
  1. Hi -

    I have several rules that work just great with outlook on my PC. When a new mail arrives that I don't want from a certain person or persons, my rule is enforced which is 1) mark as read and 2) delete it permenantly. Problem is that dang notification STILL shows up in my systray. In order to get rid of the thing, I have go into Outlook click on just about anything and the icon will go away. Does anyone know anything I can do to fix this???

    I would just turn the dang thing off, but as a developer (as many of you know) with so many windows open, it is just easier to not try to find outlook when that latest corporate memo comes in. Especially those concerning TPS reports. :)

    Thanks a bunch.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Since you are on a company network, you can't stop your colleagues from emailing you (whether you like them or not).
    Also, your rules apply AFTER the fact that you have already received that email.
    You should try to set your notification rules in such a way, that they only signal those emails that you want, resp. not signal for those that you don't want.
    Alternatively, switch off notification altogether, especially in a corporate environment (much better for the old nerves...)
  3. group54

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    I don't want to stop my colleagues from emailing me. But I don't want irrelevant mail (birth announcements, or other employee news of that nature, football squares contest, blah blah blah or vendor announcments with certain words in the subject line, etc). I already have around 75 - 100 emails a day to go through. Rules are a must for some people. I would venture to say alot. My rules are a bit more detailed than "delete if from"

    But you may have touched on something. Depending on the logic, I guess it would be the case to get new mail notification no matter the rules. Especially if that is the sequence in which the program carries out the commands.

    But would it not be nice if Outlook was smart enough to determine that if you want that particular message deleted, you really don't care that you got it in the first place?

    Notification is nice to have, but turning it off may be the only solution. Just thought I would ask around first. There are several of us in the office who would appreciate this being resolved.
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