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By rohlrogge
Jan 10, 2005
  1. Using Outlook 2003 SP1 under WinXP SP2 and I am experiencing an unusual problem with the Rules function for filtering email. I have a peer who I receive email from regularly and his email consistently ends up in the junk folder despite the fact that his email address, and in fact the whole domain, is enabled in the SafeSenders list. I have reviewed the content of his email to make sure it didn't inadvertently hit one of the word/phrase restrictions that I have created in the Subject and Subject/Body rules. I receive email from many other peers in the same domain and have had no problems. This seemed to have started some time in the past but I can't pinpoint when because periodically his emails seem to get through. Any thoughts would be appreciated!! :confused:
  2. rohlrogge

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    RE: Outlook Problem Solved

    :blush: Oh well, as always we leap to the conclusion that any problem is a software problem, better known as a bug, and lo and behold it proves to be a data problem not a software problem.

    My peer had as part of his signature the word Specialist and wouldn't you know those ADvocates out there who pound me with ADs to buy cialis resulted in my adding a fliter for "cialis" in the body filter. If it isn't obvious, "cialis" is imbedded in "SpeCIALISt". Simple solution, add a space - "cialis " and now my peer can email me again!!!

    Sorry for the distraction - good lesson in differentiating problems due to program bugs vs data bugs!!!! :grinthumb
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    That is quite a good solution. Cheers on thinking of that :)
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