Over 350 registry promlems (again)

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I have registry problems, (again) and i was wondering if anybody knew of a free registry cleaner which fixes faults for FREE i have tried a few of the main ones but they all require registering and paying £30+
any reccomendations?, any posts appreciated.


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If a piece of software messes up as regards sorting registry problems you are likely to have a computer which doesn't work. I received a fully functioning 6 months free trial version of Registry Mechanic with a magazine. I was impressed enough to buy the program. Ccleaner is freeware which will tidy things up but probably not as well as something you've paid for.


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you are right, i have found that if i download a free registry cleaner and repair problems, then i check problems again using a higher end registry cleaner i still find that the free one has not fixed all problems.


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Robin, regarding: "I have registry problems, (again)"
1. How do you know you have Registry problems?
2. Please locate and reference the URL for your previous post on this.
3. Please give information about our system,- OS, RAM, etc.
4. IF these are true Registry problems and you are having them in some great number consistently, then you need to find out the cause.


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I have found a repair program for my registry. The company name is "Glarysoft". They offer a free version of their reg. repair program. It works well and will find your 350 problems (or more). It will then repair them with no limitations. I have used this application on 3 programs with no registry damage whatsoever. A reg. 'cleaner' pgm. made by "Eusing" comes free and cleans up many loose ends everyday. If you want to have a well rounded registry, go to "Auslogics" .com. They have a registry defrag program for free and also offer a great (and free) hardisk defrag application.
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