over clocking a cpu

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Jul 20, 2002
  1. hey i was wondering , because i just got a new computer , im not too sure how to over clock my cpu , it s amd athlon 1800xp but its working at 1.53 so i would be really happy if someone can help me on this , ty
  2. TS | Crazyace

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    It depends what type of computer it is. If its a store brand, somtimes they cannot be overclocked.

    Overclocking involves much more than a simply adjustment. You need to remember these AMD chips need good cooling, or you'll be left with nothing but smoke.
  3. MrGaribaldi

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    Hello :)

    first read this thread, and then read this...

    The second thread contains the instructions, the first some info about the risks etc...

    Enjoy :)

    Oh, and here are the links for unlocking XP cpu's:


    (Note, they are all using different ways of filling the gaps... So Read them all, and use the one you find easiest/cheapest)
  4. Cucumber

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    You really have to ask yourself though......an XP1800+ is plenty fast enough for any of todays applications....and is it worth risking the CPU for and extra few Mhz?

    ...just my sad, boring point :rolleyes:
  5. StormBringer

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    That is a pretty good point. Other than a few points on a benchmark, where are a few MHz going to make a difference.

    I have heard that people are getting some amazing speeds from the 1800s though. If that is the case, if you could squeeze a few hundred MHz extra from it, then it might be worth it.
  6. Nick

    Nick TS Rookie Posts: 185

    Looks like you're just as guilty :)
  7. Cucumber

    Cucumber TS Rookie Posts: 154

    :eek: :blush: Yer, but its quite the same as an 1800+...

    .....well ok it is...
    Just shhhssshh:p
  8. Nick

    Nick TS Rookie Posts: 185

    heh i only have my gfx card oced... to many lock ups when you oc the fsb and i realy dont feel like unlocking my amd (just too lazy)

    After reformatting over 2 months ago, i have yet to have a lock up. :)
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