By Monchies
Sep 20, 2005
  1. Well its like this... Im new to this whole computer bussines and recently after i ordered some new components for the future pc to be i decided im gonna build it.

    I got some help from a friend of mine (lives in another country, so through msn mostly) and i have succesfully connected the mb, power suply, Vcard, Memmory and hd (hopefully).

    Now we have aswell put in the processor (amd athlon 64 3200+) and the fan above it. But after i connected all those to the power and mb and then connected it to the power to see if it worked, it didn't turn on. I have put on Thermal paste on my cpu but then discovered the fan had its own square made thermal paste but thinking i didn't put that much i just left what i had put on the cpu (in the middle mostly) and put on the fan. Now when i took off the fan to check that the thermal didn't go overboard ( i was told it is very destructive if it does) i discovered.. sadly that on the fan except for the outprint of the cpu i have on the sides layers of thermal paste. Now my question after all this is... Am i ****ed after 7 secs max of turning it on and having the thermal paste over board or is it still not :hotouch:. Is the cpu done for it?

    All your help on how to fix it (if its not ****ed) and just any info would be alot for me.

    thanks alot.
  2. Uber Noob

    Uber Noob TS Rookie

    Dont worry, you hsve the wires from the power switch to you motherboard on wrong..the cpu is fine im sure...its an amd man.
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