Overclocked, whatelse???

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Jul 18, 2004
  1. Yes, you know the ongoing saga [realblackstuff, if you're there]

    I think I've said that my so-called repairer passed my laptop onto a proper service engineer, [he runs a legitimate business, not like "work at home Carl" who first had it.
    On removing the old m/board he found that was a 1000Ghz that had been overclocked, it's specs states Celeron 1300Ghz.
    I had it new, & no-one else has looked at it, & he says that it hadn't been out of it's case, so can only conclude that the factory workers, [little Taiwanese girls, presumably] were fitting vamped up components [it's an "Iridium"] he also thinks it's a cause of the scorched heatsink that he found
    So, where do I go from there?, his off the record advice was not to tell the first techie, as he would probably worm out of paying saying that it was the makers fault.
    Also, I have already sold it to a friend of a friend, & I shall feel guilty, what a dilemma, do I sell it, & not tell?
    Woe is me!, come on Irish, put that Guinness down, & "do your thing!"

  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    Your new repairman gave you sound advice where Carl was concerned. He (Carl) never spotted it, so don't make him any the wiser! Besides, overclocking happens to a lot of machines without damage.

    The very first 80386-based PC I bought (around 1987 I think), was sold to me as having a 25MHz processor, and turned out to be an over-clocked 20MHz one. I only found out after about 1.5 years when I started tinkering with it. By then it was out of warranty, and the selling company had disappeared. But I can honestly say that the very computer is still running today in 2004 (overclocked and all), used by my sister -in-law for emailing, webbrowsing and Word, running windows 95.

    As to telling the buyer of your old laptop: it depends on what has been repaired/replaced in it by your new man.
    If the mobo has been replaced and the other problems all sorted out, so much the better, and I am sure it will be in fine fettle again. If your new repair-guy decided not to overclock it anymore and run it at 1GHz (1000MHz=1GHz), it should last for many years to come. If the CPU itself was modified to run at 1.3GHz, a similar problem as you had, might (but not necessarily) occur again, but that will be a few years down the road. Don't worry about it, and no need to inform your buyer about it. I assume you sold it "as is".

    Make sure you get your Windows-XP wiped on the old laptop or transfer the license of it officially over to him/her, if you got a new XP with your new rig.

    Best of Irish.
  3. Maurice

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    I can't believe this!!, I just composed one of my fairly lengthy replies, only to see it vanish before I could submit it @)*&^%+¬!>< etc!!
    Here is a revised, shorter version;-

    [1] He, [Colin] fitted a brand new mobo.

    [2] He found that the heatsink was scorched, & thinks it was due to the o/clocking, how will that affect the future performance?

    [3] He intends to re-install XP,using my disc, how will that affect my buyer, if he doesn't re-register it in his name?, I shall make him aware that it is in my name, & leave it up to him, will that be sufficient?

    [4] The new rig comes with XP Home installed.

    [5] Finally, what the heck IS overclocking??

    Thanks yet again RBS, for your patience, in answering my interminable queries, you've got the patience of a saint.....Patrick of course, your adopted one!

    Best of British

  4. RealBlackStuff

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    1] new mobo is excellent
    2] no influence on performance
    3] if you sold it as "laptop with XP", then transfer the license to the buyer. XP must be re-activated after the mobo-replacement anyway.
    4] If you sold only the laptop, wihout an OS, then get your old XP installed on your new PC, and save yourself the cost of buying/paying for a new XP.
    5] if you run a 1GHZ CPU at 1.3GHZ, then you overclock. Depending on CPU and mobo, you can change BIOS and/or jumpers to modify the CPU-speed in a number ow ways.
  5. Maurice

    Maurice Banned Topic Starter Posts: 646

    Yes, I am pleased that it' a new mobo, an advanced one too, it also has firewire, which I believe has to do with connecting with other computers
    My friend will, I suppose, transfer the licence to the ultimate buyer, but Knowing him, he will try & convince him that he should have Professional, [he has the disc].
    You don't know how pushy my friend is, he almost talked me into having it, he IS a good friend, but very critical about things I do, he poo-poo'd the fact that I bought an Epson printer, & a Packard-Bell scanner, saying that I should have got such-and-such makes, his wife tells him off, saying that it's my business what I get, he's very "in your face" but , as I say, a good friend, I go there for an evening meal etc., quite often, & have got used to him, [I must be mellowing in my old age!]
    Thanks again for your help, try not to get crusty as you get old, it's difficult to keep your patience if you do.

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