Overclockin video card?

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Mar 5, 2004
  1. I know what everyone is thinking. Another noob who doesn't know what he is doing asking for trouble.

    I read the guide someone had posted on things to know before overclocking. I have pretty good knowledge of the pc , how it works etc.

    Someone put in their sig that they had a Geforce FX 5700 Ultra (same card as me) overclocked. As a computer animator, everything I do is video card. So its not like im doing it just to be "cool"

    If anyone has a good link where I can find info on overclocking video cards or can give me any advice, I'd really appreciate it
  2. snowman

    snowman TS Rookie Posts: 183

    there are a few programs out there that allow you to overclock. look in tech spots downloads section there are a few in there. geforce tweak utility works pretty good. and powerstrip is helpful as well. just remember to have plenty of cooling and only up the mhz in small increments.
  3. Steg

    Steg TS Rookie Posts: 269

    Well here is your typical pc gamer - and a prowd owner of an overclocked 5700 Ultra - so I guess i am the one you are talking about :D
    • Be sure to know your card and computer well, and its technical specs
    • Ensure your system is well ventilated
    • Make sure you have some monitoring software installed to check the temps inside your machine. I recommend Motherboard Monitor. The temps of your graphics card can be found in the nvidia driver panel
    • And remember - overclocking will void your warranty. Some times you can get away by returning a burnt out card - but on many a occasion they will refuse to replace it - which can get expensive
    You have been warned
    Now if you still want to play with overclocking then the easiest way is to install the nvidia 'coolbits' registry key and then overclock from the nvidia control panel. Copy this code exactly as stated - shove it in a txt file in notepad and save it as "coolbits.reg" - without the "......
    "Coolbits" = dword:FFFFFFFF
    "NvCplEnableHardwarePage" = dword:00000001
    "NvCplEnableAGPSettingsPage" = dword:00000001 
    Once you have saved that as a .reg run it and it will ask if you want to add the data to the registry, tell it yes.
    Open up the Display Properties window then click Settings=>Advanced=>GeForceFX 5700 Ultra=>Clock Frequencies.
    From here you can chance the clock speeds in both 2D and 3D modes. You do NOT want to change the core speed in 2D mode as you will simply be wasting your time. However, memory should ONLY be overclocked from the 2D screen, overclocking memory from the 3D screen causes the driver to 'forget' you’re overclocking efforts on a fairly regular basis. The core clock speed should only be overclocked from the 3D screen, because windows don’t not really need a hugely powerful graphics chip to render the desktop......
    On the 5700 Ultra the 'standard' overclock is 500/1000 up from 475/906. Nearly every 5700 Ultra I have either seen or read a review of will do at least that. But remember that some wont so don’t jump straight there.
    If you want my recommendation you will increase the core in 10Mhz increments and the memory in 20Mhz increments. After setting a new set of clock speeds click 'Test Settings' and the card will decide if the overclock is stable. If it passes ok click apply and then run you card through a few tests (3dmark 01/03, aquamark etc) and check for ANY KIND of visual corruption (odd coloured/looking textures, corrupted models, flickering polygons etc). If there is no problem go back and put the clock speeds up some more and repeat. If at any point you get corruption switch back down to the last stable clock speeds.
    If and when you get to the 500/1000 mark (or the highest overclock you reach) and it runs stable through a few tests, sit down and use it for a good few hours (my favourite method is playing UT2003 but anything 3d video card related will work). If at the end of this period you are still stable and corruption free then you can start to fiddle some more.
    After the 500/1000 mark start increasing the clock speeds more slowly, e.g. 5 Core, 10 Mem, and then rerun the tests - keep going until you card hits the 'wall' and then, as before, drop back a notch and thoroughly test.
    If have not yet tested my thoroughly card much beyond 500/1000 but I did at one point get it to run at 525/1040 happily....one day I will see just how high it will go.
    So the basic message here is test, test & test. The more testing in the more different programs the more sure you can be that your card will be stable. Mine has been running at 500/1000 since Christmas happily with not a problem.

    I hope that makes sense and is of some help to you. I also hope there are not too many spelling mistakes :D

  4. XCast3D

    XCast3D TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks a ton Steg! You are king!

    If I wasn't stuck here at school, I'd already be testing. I definately need to improve my cooling. I only have 4 fans, 2 80mm, 2 90mm.. about 1200 rpms or so. So I guess my first step would be to upgrade my cooling. As far as the motherboard monitor, I think my motherboard brings its own. I got the ASUS PC-DL Deluse.

    Would you recommend getting one of those thermaltake heatsyncs for 5700 ultra? I had one for my old geforce 4 but when I saw the fan the 5700 ultra comes with, I decided to leave it be.

    Well thanks alot for the info! Very helpful stuff.
  5. Rory7

    Rory7 TS Rookie Posts: 119

    Overclock it to the max with stock cooling on ur g/c. Then if it isnt enough of a performance boost then go and buy a top notch heat sink/fan, as well as some good arctic silver. Thats if you want to become a bit more serious. Then perhaps get into volt modding it. When you said you only had 4 fans i asume u mean case fans. Four seems enough to me, were do you have them placed in your case?
  6. Steg

    Steg TS Rookie Posts: 269

    Just for the reference I am running 4 80mm fans, thats
    2 intake (front & side mounted)
    2 extake (back & top mounted)
    and that shifts plenty of air - so your 4 fans should be fine
    I am also running the standard nvidia reference cooling on my graphics card - without knowing the manufacturer of your card I cant tell you how flexible the cooling is - but you should be able to get a nice overclock on just your standard cooling.

    Enjoy your overclocking

  7. XCast3D

    XCast3D TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah 4 case fans.. 1 Fan mounted on each side panel .. 1 on the back and 1 in the front. I had posted on a different thread about my pc temp to see if and how i can improve my cooling.

    My ambient temp at idle is like 35c. Somone told me that was WITHIN range for dual processing but recommended that If i wanted best performance, which I do, I should get better cooling.

    Only thing I know how to do is upgrade the fans tho .. no idea on any other type of modding (volt modding?) to improve cooling..
  8. snowman

    snowman TS Rookie Posts: 183

    volt modding would not improve the cooling. it makes things hotter. you sometimes need to do that to certain hardware pieces when overclocking to improve stability. but you probably wont need to in your case. best thing to do is have your fans arranged right and have plenty of flow.
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