Overclocking Error (ASUS A7N8X-E Delux)

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Nov 20, 2004
  1. I am pulling my hair out. I bought a new motherboard because my AGP slot was bad on the previous one. Then i messed up thinking my CPU was way overheating, so i bought a new CPU (Sempron 2800). Now, my PC Still reboots everytime i try to load a game.

    Looking around, I tried various combos on memory. I have 1GIG (2x512) DDR 2700. FInally, this morning I took one stick out, and now i can play my game, but the asus voice still tells me "Error due to overclocking". Does my ram just not work for this mobo? Why cant i have both sticks in, and how do i tell that person to shutup, im not overclocking the machine.

    Very troubling :) Can anyone help?
  2. dfwbrent

    dfwbrent TS Rookie Topic Starter

    one more thing

    i never found a cable to plug into the chassy fan and the other fan right next to it, from the psu. i plugged in my main power cable, my CPU fan, and thats really it. The mobo told me to plug in the cords for those two cables as well, but i had nothing to plug into them with. This relevant?

    i have a geforce 5200 ultra (AGP), and everything else is pretty standard. Do i need to trick my mobo in the bios with this ram or something? i'm so frustrated. Does the RAM need to be registerd or something?

    I am on bios 1012 as I flashed last night.
  3. Skarn

    Skarn TS Rookie

    A7N8X-E Deluxe Solutions

    Hello there, I have put together 5 PC's with this motherboard and 3 went down with no hitches and the other 2 were nightmares.

    1.)I noticed you have a semptron CPU. According to ASUS you need to have Bios 1012 or greater to use this CPU. Also make sure your CPU_FSB is set to the FSB400/333/266 if your processor has a bus of those types. (pg. 2-15 in the manual)

    2.)Also a note about memory that is never mentioned in the manual. In order to use the dual memory feature you have to put the memory in slot DIMM_B1 and DIMM_A1. (The blue one on the edge of the three slots and the black slot) So you have one memory module in the far blue slot. an empty middle blue spot and the black slot has your other module in it. I know 2 slots are colored blue, which causes some confusion. When you boot up it will show a memory message that states if you are in Dual memory mode or Single channel mode.

    P.S. I was going to link you to the Asus website where you could find something useful, but this forum won't let me put a URL into my message... :knock:

    You can turn off the speech reporter in the BIOS just look around. I'd tell you exactly where it is, but my A7N8X-E Deluxe board won't boot up either. Oh I think it is in "Advanced BIOS Features" in the BIOS
  4. dfwbrent

    dfwbrent TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok I found the problem! All said and done, i bought anew mobo, had problems with it with bios 1012, and it turned out to be my RAM. I bought Corsair XMS, and it worked fine. So to recap, i still had video problems.

    I replaced the mobo, processor, heatsink, kept the side of the case off as my GPU temp was running hot, still problems. I tried a new harddrive, cd rom, and ram when trying to fix my mobo problem.

    I've re-purchased almost every component to this PC except the case, and you know what the problem was?????

    I was running windows 2000. I am a *******. With XP, everything is fine. Evidently, 2000 was making my GPU increase and give me video problems.

    GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad i have the fix, only it came 6 months later and rebuilding the whole pc again .....
  5. Skarn

    Skarn TS Rookie

    I'm glad you have a system that works again!
  6. bullit6a

    bullit6a TS Rookie

    Overclocking problem

    I'm new here and i need help I just built me a new computer about 3 months ago and i'm having a problem with it. It will shut off on it's own and when it come back on it has an error that it's overclocking error and i have never messed with my bios or anything can anyone help me
  7. Skarn

    Skarn TS Rookie

    Your Computer may be overheating. Did you put the proper fans or water cooling inside? Perhaps you can check the temperature of the cpu through the bios and see what it is at. It could be a software issue as well. More information is needed in order to try to figure out what the problem is. What did the error say exactly, what part of the computer is it complaining about?
  8. sakanayaro

    sakanayaro TS Rookie

    overclocking on A7N8x-E

    i have Athlon XP 2200+ on ASUS A7N8X-E mobo, now i have 2x512 Mb DDR 333 (pc 2700).

    I would like to know few things if anyone knows, i want to OC my cpu max, but i dont want to use other cooling than aircooling. I may buy 1gb DDR 400dimm,2x 1gb 400...

    1. which fan shooldi use? THERMALAKE, ZALMAN, other? and how strong it should be? and which are compatible with my MOBO? is thermal paste type very important?
    2. do i have to or should i ulock CPU (painting) for max OC option?
    3. ASUS A7N8X-E is supporting XP 3200+ only, can it be changed/modified?
    4. can i "dual channel" memmory on 3 dimms? pros and cons?
    5. if i buy DDR 400 will i be able to set CPU ext frequecy to 200Mhz? (now is maxing at 177 x 12.5, i think, and it is stable at 1,9Ghz)
    6. how far can i push Vcore safely, no fear of burning, with AMD clasic fan and how with other stronger ones?
    7. How does memmory chips affect CPU overclocking?
    8. anyway of overclocking, breaking or getting better performance with this MOBO?
    9. at what speed should i expect to se my CPU running after all OCing above with circumstance i gave?

    Thank u guyz in advance! :)
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