Overclocking Hell

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Sep 14, 2006
  1. I've been at the other board posting about buying a new processor. I don't want to spend a ton of money because I'm building a new beast early next year. So I've decided to overclock my current processor, but I've already got problems. I've got an Asus KS8-LA MB and a Sempron 3000 processor. There are no adjustments in the bios to overclock my cpu, everything is locked. I tried clockgen, but that only took my speed from 1.8 to 1.96 before it stopped giving me a performance increase. So, is there anything I can do in the bios or a different program I can use to overclock my pc more or am I just screwed?
  2. MetalX

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    You're pretty much just screwed :p. But don't worry too much... "early next year" is quite soon :)
  3. huffskies

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    I may actually buy a Athlon 64 Venice 3400 to hold me over till then. I think that will be a pretty noticeable upgrade.
  4. YellowC4S

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    Even if you buy the 64, if you cannot adjust settings in BIOS you are still going to be in the same boat. Then again, I don't think that Opty is socket 939 so you'll have to get a new mobo anyway.
  5. dmill89

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    You are aware that they do make Athlon 64s for socket 754 right. But for a 754 He'd be beeter off getting a Clawhammer core as Veneice core CPUs only have 512KB L2 cache and The clawhammer core is avalible in 1mb L2 cache for 754. I realise that a 754 Athlon 64 would't be as good as a 939 or AM2 but it will be a big improvement over a Sempron.
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