Overclocking my video card without it going BOOM!

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Mar 31, 2005
  1. i feel that i could get more out of my video card and was wondering if anyone could tell me what i could do, like what settings to put it at (core spees an all, dont understan all that at the moment, gotta learn :suspiciou )i currenty have a
    GeFore Fx5700VE 256mb. I have no idea what its running at, core speed wise etc. any recomendations as to what programs could tell me what its running at, and what i could set it to, to make it run better? thanx
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    From: https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic23817.html

    Just remember small steps, check your temps, benchmark it at the different steps to check performance and to look for artifacts.
  3. james_k1988

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    i agree!

    rite i done all taht an got the new bit, the frequency bit. And tehres 2 circles to check, next to teh top one it says "no onverclocking" which is currently selected, an teh next says "manual overclock" and has the settings below it. But when i go 2 manual overclock it brings up a nvidea thing telling me about how it can damage my equipment etc and at the bottom it says "i agree, i disagree, cancel" but the i agree and disagree bits ar greyd out, so i cant click them, only cancel, any ideas on this one?
  4. james_k1988

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    rite i got it, it was jsut wanting me to read the full thing,now as i said be4 i dont have a scooby about g-card overclocking. Below is a print screen of what my current settings are (i changed teh dropdown bar bit from " 2D Standard" to "3D Performance" and all taht done was put the core memory up to 256mhz instead of 225mhz, and i think it put the memory bit up at bit as well. I hit the test button and it gave me these settings) Am i getting as much as i can out of my card? thanx

    p.s. so far ive avtually noticed some improvement, cause it seems more speedy than usual lol im bout 2 go test it w/ sum gmz an c wot happens :hotbounce

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  5. vegasgmc

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    Have you clicked on "detect optimal settings"? That should give you an idea. Also I would reccomend getting RAM coolers because that card most likely uses TSOP(rectangular) RAM that runs very hot when overclocked.
  6. james_k1988

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    yea i click clicked optimal settings, thats what gave me those settings. I'll need to give it more tests but so far so good really but ive encountered another prob. right i click detect optimal settings, then it tests an then i hit apply an ok. But if i go straight back in2 it the settings are set back to teh old ones, "2D standard, core 225mhz, memory 400mhz" i dunno if this its putting the settings back (cause as i said i did notice a differance) or if it just does that when you go to that section. Any ideas?
  7. vnf4ultra

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    Are your 3d settings still the same when you go back? I think your card has a 2d and 3d mode, you can adjust the frequency for both. It switches to whichever mode is needed, and since 2d doesn't require much power it can be slower.
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    Which OC utility are you using? I prefer Rivatuner.
  9. james_k1988

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    umm i added that coolbit thing to the regeedit bit, giveing me a new bit on my graphics card properties(disply,settings,advanced,geforce) called clocking frequencies and it gives me what i shoed u be4 (the pic)
  10. james_k1988

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    more direct 3d

    does anyone know what i should set my clock settings to, tog et more performance. I usually use the detect optimal ferquiencys an it sets them itsself, but i dunno if thats ne gd lol

    on anotehr note anotehr thing got added when i added coolbit to regedit. Under the performance and quality bit i got "more direct 3d" , check the pic attached and tell me what i should set that to, to get more performance plz :suspiciou

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    try this

    try this i believe it has a built in tester for testing your setting to make sure its safe so you dont boom you comp


    i would take it slow get your comp to run were it runs good and leave it dont over do it word of caution
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