Overclocking on 680i

By aman501
Jan 30, 2007
  1. I recently built a new computer and also have recently overclocked it. The C2D E6300 I have is stable at 2.77GHz at the moment but according to some other people, they have their E6300's to 3.15+GHz with stock voltages (or close). I had to raise my SPP to 1.5v, FSB to 1.4, and CPU vcore to 1.45. Is this abnormal? I have an Arctic Cooler 7 Pro and temps are also getting warm(56+C). People (even with the same cooler) have said that their temps are in the 40's... Have I done something wrong? I have the eVGA 680i, a Thermaltake Xaser III case, Antec TP3 PSU, 2 x 1GB Kingston DDR2 800 HyperX RAM, eVGA 8800GTS, and dual WD Caviar 250GB in RAID 0.

    EDIT: sorry mods, wrong forum... feel free to move it.
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