overclocking xp1500 and k7s5a

By sabenfox
Dec 12, 2003
  1. ok, i flashed my bios and am now using cheapbios as my bios for the k7s5a.
    After i flashed i went into my bios and there are a few settings that i was wondering if you guys could explain to me so i could figure out if i can possible overclock my cpu any more. It's a

    athlon Xp 1500 but i have it overclocked to a athlon Xp 1700 and it is running stable so far.

    The settings that i would like help understanding are as follows..

    Cpu Speed 112/112
    Core Voltage 1.504
    Cpu Frequency 100mhz
    Dram Frequency 100mhz

    (the clock multiplyer is set at 13)

    ok that's what it says as of now
    after i've overclocked it.

    now for cpu speed i'm assuming that the first number was the cpu speed and the second was the fsb. Becuase 112 x 13=1456 which is my cpu speed right now. But under cpu frequency it is still 100mhz instead of 112. My motherboard supports 266mhz fsb. So i set the cpu speed to 100/133. But when i rebooted the computer froze in windows. It would feeze after i hit enter to log into the network. I'm guessing that's because the memory i'm using only supports 100/133, i can't remember which. Anyways could someone break this down for me ?
  2. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    How did you set the multiplier to 13 ? I've installed a few K7S5A boards & none had multiplier adjustments. I've always heard OCing BIOSes for that board only added a few more selections of FSB rather then just 100/133 but never multiplier adjustments.

    Is there some documentation on the website where you found that BIOS ?
  3. Krugger

    Krugger TS Rookie Posts: 173

    Cheepoman's Bios's for the k7s5a allow for multiplier adjustments as well. here is the cheepoman's page at ocworkbench: http://www.ocworkbench.com/2002/ecs/k7s5abios/cheepobios.htm
    i've never overclocked on my k7 so i dont want to offer partial advice. this is the best site for k7 info though, so check it out real quick and i'm sure your question is answered there: http://pub140.ezboard.com/bk7s5amotherboardforum
    especially read section 5 of the faq here, as it pertains to OCing and discusses your questions. http://pub140.ezboard.com/fk7s5amotherboardforumfrm5.showMessage?topicID=1200.topic
  4. sabenfox

    sabenfox TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    ok, i'll check that website out. Thank you for the help guys, i appreciate it =)
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