Overwatch's McCree is now Cole Cassidy

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In context: Over the summer, Blizzard announced it would be changing an Overwatch hero's name and its policy on naming game characters in general. The decisions came after controversy surrounding parent company Activision Blizzard's sexual harassment lawsuit.

On Friday, Blizzard revealed Overwatch character McCree will now be named Cole Cassidy. The name Cole Cassidy may refer to Butch Cassidy, the famous outlaw who, along with Harry "Sundance Kid" Longabaugh, robbed banks and trains in the United States and South America in the early 1900s. Their gang was known as the "Wild Bunch."

The official Overwatch Twitter account included an explanation for the name change in the character's in-game lore.

"Running from his past meant running from himself," the biographical slide reads. "To make this new Overwatch better—to make things right—he had to be honest with his team and himself."

The change goes into effect on October 26.

The real reason for the new moniker is that Blizzard originally named the character after Diablo 4 Lead Level Designer Jesse McCree, one of the Blizzard employees mentioned in the infamous "Cosby Suite" controversy. Afterward, Overwatch streamers stopped using the character's name, and in August, Blizzard revealed plans to change it. Blizzard also announced it would no longer name characters after employees.

The Cosby Suite controversy was part of the sexual harassment lawsuit Activision Blizzard was hit with over the summer. The company has been accused of fostering a "frat boy" environment that tolerated harassment and discrimination against female employees. Since then, Activision Blizzard has been under investigation by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and the Communication Workers of America (CWA).

Blizzard entered an $18 million settlement with the EEOC in an effort to clean up its image. However, the DFEH lawsuit has come under fire for a possible ethics violation. The complaint alleges that the lawyers who investigated Activision Blizzard for the DFEH had previously worked on the SEC's case and used information from the latter investigation while conducting the former. If true, this would be a breach of professional ethics.

Since the lawsuit, at least 20 employees have left Blizzard. They include the company's former president, its chief legal officer, and McCree himself.

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Blizzard, you guys do realize that changing a fictional characters name created 5 years ago does nothing at all at undoing the wrongdoings your company is responsible for in the non-fiction world, right?

…but yeah, renaming Mcree definitely does the trick. Freaking imbeciles.


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Blizzard's brand value has vanished over time and the reasons why have nothing to do with sexual harassment. It's honestly tragic how a leader in the industry whose name was synonymous with quality, has now become the king of microtransactions, boring games and kowtowing to the Chinese Communist Party. As a consumer I gave them so many chances.


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What's funny is you can find a gay porn star with the same name, or swap the positions of the name and get a female porn star... like twitter/reddit comments said, talk about taking the circle of life literally... from glorifying an "alleged sex offender" to people who get paid to grope/be groped. XD
I remember a time when everyone loved WHATEVER came of this company, and all my friends and I dreamed of working for Blizz. How themighty have fallen. Its sad really.


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And exactly how many of the managers were arrested? Oh yeah, none. It's almost like these smokescreens are more about protect their rapey friends than justice.


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"alleged sex offender" XD

It's funny how in modern discourse everyone and their mothers are presumed as sex offenders* until they're accused by multiple women, then they're presumed innocent. But sexism isn't real, they're overreacting, etc...

*Of the pedophile subtype


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It's funny how in modern discourse everyone and their mothers are presumed as sex offenders* until they're accused by multiple women, then they're presumed innocent. But sexism isn't real, they're overreacting, etc...

*Of the pedophile subtype
Even if we take what you say as fact (which I'm not sure it is), all that does is prove we shouldn't be assuming people are sex offenders of any kind until it goes through a court and is proven guilty. It does NOT mean that we should assume every word coming out of every woman is the gospel truth and destroy people's lives before they've had a chance to defend themselves.


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I chargeback'd Diablo 2 last week . lol
Ditto dont ask for a refund from blizzard because they wont give it .Doesnt matter that your a 20 year customer they dont cxare once they have your money
Instead just call your credit card company and ask for a charge back due to 5 weeks of the game still being broken.
May a flock of anal dwelling butt monkeys fly up your a.. blizzard