P/4 vs P/M

By isatippy
Mar 11, 2005
  1. I would just like to know if p/4 can compare with p/m and what the pros and cons of them are. :hotbounce
  2. shadow_29

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    ok so a comparison between a p4 and pm.lets see first of all p4's-probably the longest brand continuation fromm intel,with a life span of 4 yearsand still counting as there highest brand.p4 was designed to include faster bus speed(fsb)the race started from sub 400 mhz level to now almost 1000 mhz,its a powerful procesor designed to churn out data at faster and faster speeds,while not a lot could be commended for its architecture in comparison to an amd athlon(which was way ahead of intels)it made up in higher clock speeds to match where it lacked in design.for a while this worked great,following the moores law it got hotter and hotter because of it ever increasing transistor count,leading upto the well known heater also known as presscott.while the pentium mobile was a very refined approch altogether to completely beat off any competition from transmeta and amd a better chip was created in which the L1 and L2 caches were the focus while limiting the bus speeds to cut on the heat dissappation.it had a clever architecture combinig wifi and a great battery life to be called the centrino.before it there wasnt anything like this in the market transmeta had (crusoe)something in the same heat dissapation category but could not offer the same bang for the buck,amd didnt have any special solution for the mobile market and just inncluded the port over from desktop,via was too slow and too small to match up to the giant.intel kept releasing newer and better feature in the intel mobile and kept casting nails in transmetas coffin.
    now to the performance comparison,well a pentium m is very powerful clocked from 1.2 to 1.7 but dont let the clock speeds confuse you it can easily match a p4 3.0-3.2 ghz and might even exceed in some benchmark.the only problem is that other peripheral like video card,upgradable ram,faster hdd limit its output when compared to off the shelf p4 because it can be customised and upgraded at will.one was designed to conserve power and limit heat while the other was just clocked higher(one brute force approach and one a very mature solution for the mobile market)though these 2 chips are for two different market segaments there are companies porting p/m over to desktops and p4 has been used in laptops for the past 2 years and continues to even today.there is also a third chip with ultra low pentium m which use even lesser power and run even cooler pushing battery life into 6-7 hour+ range.

    well this post seems to getting really long,so i hope this should have answered your question.
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    Ya that put a little light on my world thanks. :bounce:
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