P/S2 mouse not "seen" after using Serial Mouse

By don ยท 4 replies
May 23, 2006
  1. I have a computer with an ASUS A7V133 motherboard and Win 98 OS.
    I changed from a P/S 2 mouse to a serial mouse. I would like to change back to a P/S2 mouse. When I boot up with the P/S2 mouse installed a window pops up stating that the system detects no mouse. It further says if I want to install a P/S2 mouse to plug it in and reboot. Which is what I do and get the same message.
    I was told I should check in the BIOS to see if it is set to accept a P/S 2.
    When I get to the BIOS screen (DEL on bootup) it is frozen, ie, I cannot use any of the keys on the keyboard to move around the BIOS screen.
    I effect I have 2 problems. The inability to install a P/S2 mouse and a frozen BIOS. I know the mouse is ok cause I just moved it from another system that worked fine.
  2. TypeX45

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    Have you tried resetting the bios?
  3. don

    don TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Turning it off and back on?

    If you are referring to the computer - yes I have turned it off and on many times trying to figure this out.
    If you are referring to turning the BIOS off and on - not sure what you mean or how to do it.
  4. Nodsu

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    If the keyboard doesn't work.. Are you sure the KB and the mouse are plugged into the right ports? Try switching them around.
  5. nork

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    To reset your bios:
    Even if you know how you should check your manual on how to do that as it varies. Usually you remove main power cord, remove small coin battery from mobo and then, on the 3 pin header setup on your mobo, nearest the coin battery, move the jumper from pins 1 and 2 to pins 2 and 3, leave it a few minutes, then put jumper back where it was, put battery back in, put power cord back in wall and try to boot.
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