P4 2.66 GHZ w/ HT running at 2.5v ??????

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Jul 18, 2005
  1. P4 2.66 GHZ w/ HT running at 2.5v?


    I have known that my processor is running at 2.5v for a while now. I know this is very high, isn't it supossed to run at 1.5v? Well anyways, I just bought a new motherboard and it is in the mail on the way here. My problem is, will this new motherboard run my processor at the 2.5v?

    To let you all know, I have a sony vaio :( . They do shady things like buy the cheapest parts for their pcs and sell them at high prices. Is the 2.5v a sony trick? Or is this processor supposed to be running at this high voltage. Another funny thing is that my friend has a 3.0 ghz p4 /w ht, his runs at 1.5v but it runs at a much higher temp. :rolleyes:

  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    as long as it works, don't mess with it. not only does sony make the worst x86 desktops ever, but thier crackpot engineering schemes are even worse. the machine does run all right, does it not? are you getting any instability?
    is that all you bought? are you planning on swapping out sony's motherboard with a storebought one?

    BTW > how did you acertain said voltage? was it the core or I/O voltage.
  3. Justin

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    I'd say you have a bad sensor. 2.5V on a 3ghz p4 would likely cause it to freeze or overheat in seconds. If your system is stable I'd chalk it up to a bad sensor and to just ignore it.
  4. Cheesemaster64

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Yeah is pretty stable, I have had the BSOD 2 times in the 2 - 3 years I have had it.

    I only bought a new mobo to replace the sony one. The reason for this is, is that sony (*******es) limited the bios so the consumers can't do ANYTHING. No ocing, no changing video aperature settings. I don't want to OC but I need to change the video settings. Also the motherboard is an ASUS, but it does NOT exist on their website. Another big thing is that it detects my AGP video card as PCI. It is a very cheap motherboard. Of course sony won't give me any support because I bought the video card on my own.

    I used the program CPU-Z and under Voltage it said 2.5 - 2.6 v. My friend ran the same program and it said 1.5 v so that's where I assumed somethings wrong.

    This seems most likely to be the problem. It runs fairly cool, never overheated.
  5. zephead

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    so have you actually installed this new replacement board into the vaio system yet? opening the case will void whatever warranty you may have. second, you're going to have to reinstall windows and the useless sony restore cds aren;t going to do it. what then there's the general incompatibility. it's very possible that the new board will not fit the case, line up properly, work with the sony power supply, connect properly to your front panel wiring, or be compatible with your sony oem ram.
  6. Cheesemaster64

    Cheesemaster64 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I downloaded a program called Speedfan, It says VCORE is at 1.5v like it should be :angel:
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