p4 +asus mobo + mushkin ddr400 = nogo?

By K@in
Oct 18, 2006
  1. I was planning on giving my friend my old set of mushkin high performance ddr 400 (512x2). He has an hp desktop, with a p4 2.6 cpu, 512mb(2x256), a PNY fx5200, and a 250 watt psu. He has an asus mobo, but im not too keen on asus's intel model names, but i could probably identify the name if i saw it. for some reason, when the ddr400 is in there(dual channel, single channel - it doesn't matter), the video card won't boot. the mobo boots, and even loads windows(you can hear the login sound from autologon). The only thing i noticed was that in cpuz, the stock memory was listed as running at 160mhz... that just doesn't seem right. strangly, the bios had no features to oc or even change the fsb, or the voltage. is this a case of a weak psu(only 250 watt) or is this mobo just not compatible with mushkin memory? or maybe this is because of the crappy fx5200? if it is, will a 6600gt and a 400w psu fix this?
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