P4 running pretty warm.

By P_Thomas22
Sep 25, 2005
  1. I have a P4 3.4ghz 650, on a fatal1ty aa8xe in a coolmaster wave master case. Two front intakes, three rear exhaust and one side. With a themaltake cpu fan. At idle it is about 42C but under full load using burnmax i am getting up to 70C. Is there a way i can just crank my cpu fan on high all the time because when booting it seems to be moving more air, but when it gets to windows it seems to slow down. I have all my low temps in BIOS set to 25c so they are on at all times. It is just frustrating cause i have spent alot on fans and making sure all airflow is good.
  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    XD, your computer fans suck too much air outside rather than inside..., do this..
    2 front intakes, 2 rear intakes and one rear exaust just beside CPU, and a side for intakes.

    You should download the CPUIdle, that program should bring down your idle temp to 34 and the working for 50 or below.

    If not, get new ThermalTake Copper heatsink for your P4!

  3. P_Thomas22

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    Thanks for your reply, I have take off my cpu fan and cleaned it and reaplied some new thermal paste and that has seemed to help a little bit. But still getting up to around 63. I am going to try and turn around my side fan and make it a intake fan. Ohh CPuidle says that it can't detect what type of proccesor my system has so it does absolutly nothing, and motherboard monitor my mobo is not listed. Not sure if there is anything i can do about that.

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