P4B533: CMOS/Checksum error continues after battery replacement

By q0Y0p
Jul 28, 2005
  1. Pls Help! I have the mobo P4B533.
    I formatted the HD, reinstalled XP and updated everything INCLUDING BIOS :( using ASUS update program, it wasn't sucessful, but I didn't realize it until I restart the comp...then problem happens...
    I have the CMOS/Checksum error...
    so I searched on the forum...
    I took out the batt, then short the pins at CLRTC, but didn't work..

    then I got the Driver Free Disk For Bios Flashing from bootdisk.com
    downloaded the AFLASH software and the latest BIOS from asus (socket478-->P4B533-->1015.awd)

    put the files into the floopy...

    ran it then it came to the point that i have to type the filename and path, which is supposed to be A:\XXX-XX.XXX
    then I'm stuck here

    I'm thinking since the filename I have for the BIOS is 1015.awd
    I can't make the path exactly like A:\XXX-XX.XXX
    how does the path "A:\XXX-XX.XXX" work?

    any inputs would be appreciated...


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