P4V800-X + radeon 9700 non-pro, will work?

By a2ps
Jan 31, 2004
  1. hi there,

    so, i have a P4S8X mobo and a radeon 9700 non-pro graphic card, and whatever i do it hangs with almost every recent game. believe me when i say ive tried everything and every configuration of bios, drivers, etc.

    ive found on the net many users having these both components and all having the exact same problem, and none knows hot to solve it. ive found many web sites and forums saying that that combination of mobo and GC just dont work, and thats because of the sis chip of the mobo that is uncompatible with the radeon 9700. so, i guess the solution is to buy a new mobo.

    asus as this new P4V800-X mobo with a fsb of 800mhz, agp 8x, fast write, ddr 400 support, the works.. and it is rather cheap, only 60 euros (im european).

    so the question is, will that work with my graphics card?
    and btw, will it work with a p4 2.5 cpu? it is 552 mhz fsb i think. and 333 mhz ddr will it work too?

  2. snowman

    snowman TS Rookie Posts: 183

    answer to all your questions is, yes.
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