P965T Motherboard Problem

By txkmartin
Feb 4, 2007
  1. I have two questions...

    First is the jumper settings: From top to bottom (only 3 jumpers) where should the jumper be?

    Second, I can see my CDROM and my two IDE drives when I POST, however I cannot autodetect my hard drives in the BIOS. Autodetect returns nothing...

    FYI... I had to buy a IDE controller, and like I said at POST it shows ALL my drives.

    But.... in BIOS I can specifically select my IDE DVD drive (cannot select CDROM unless it is SATA, so the instructions say to select your IDE CDROM from the list, which I can). I can boot Windows XP in the CDROM, however after setup it states I have NO hard disks.

    I have tried switching the ribbon cable to reflect the hard drives in the MOBO IDE controller and the CDROM in the added IDE controller but not luck

    Any ideas?


    Any ideas?

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