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Jul 1, 2007
  1. Hi guys, this is my first post in this site and am hoping to get a good reply first up.
    I have been using my puter for the past six months and all of a sudden I am getting the ol blue screen with this page fault error. I thought that at first it was the HDD may be playing up so I put in a brand new HDD and formatted and started to load Windows XP Pro Media edition. I get partway through the instal and get the blue screen saying Page fault in non page area. So I follow the directions and restart the puter and wo and bhold up comes this POOL error before getting any futher with the instal. I am guessing that this must have something to do with the exsisting hardware in the puter because "new HDD and original discs for XP not causing problem. Memory, 1gig.
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    First, there is a great deal of info available on knowledgebase articles related to this issue, and many, many more available with a Google search.
    Usually, in my experience, the BSOD is caused by driver errors that are repairable with a replacement or change of drivers... related to video graphics But it can be any sort of hardware error... memory failure is a common cause. Loose cables and device sockets also.
    I would start with removing and reseating all devices. Then run Memtest86, the free memory tester, for four hours or 7 passes, which ever takes longer.
    Take a look at all the items in your Device Management (Control Panel -> system -> Hardware -> Device Manager) to see if you have any red or yellow flags.
    Also, take a look at the event list in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> System Tools -> Event Viewer to scroll down through to see what is labeled and when it started.
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    Could try all BUT

    I could try all of those things that you have mentioned but when there IS no operating system installed it is quite impossible. There is nothing but 1 brand new ,newly formatted HDD and that is all. Can't get any operating system to load because of Blue devil.
  4. Chamo1948

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    Thanks for the quick reply though and the info about other places to look!
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    I've seen this with a few customers. Usually, it's bad RAM. But it could be HDD or MoBo too. Try first swapping in new RAM.
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    Most of the time, this is a software error, not a hardware error, but hardware failures can also produce that message... rarely, though they may be. Go back to your board manufacturer's trouble shooter page to see if they list the error you got.

    Next, check that driver list one more time..
    Next, check your BIOS... can you see anything at all that allows you to get to a BIOS screen? <F2>, <F10>, <F12> <ESC>, <Del>, <F1>
    or are you given a chance to boot to the Safe Mode screen by repeatedly pressing the <F8> key?

    If so, check your BIOS for Boot order, and make sure your CD-Drive is first.

    If there is any chance at all that your CD-Drive is bad, set the BIOS to boot to the floppy if you have one, or a USB flash drive... if you have one.

    By forcing a Boot to the CD from a cold boot, with the machine off, you should be able to get to some sort of Boot screen.

    The reasons why not could be:
    Defective boot disc
    Defective CD or DVD drive (one of the more common causes)
    Errors in BIOS, chipset, or other critical component.

    If you have a floppy disc drive, Download the latest BIOS to install on a floppy, and boot to the installed BIOS update.

    Otherwise, you have one of these that is defective:

    Memory module (most common cause) Test in another machine, or use a new module. Try one module at a time, then both, then try to borrow a module to trade out existing ones.
    CD-Drive or DVD Drive is bad. They look good when bad, so if it is close to a year old, or older, replace.
    Hard drive is bad. Test using any other drive.
    Video graphics card or port is bad. Look for loose components or fan that is falling off.
    CMOS Battery is bad. Replace at Wal-Mart or Best Buy or Radio Shack for $3.95 to $10 depending upon where you go.
    CPU fan is bad, or heatsink is full of dirt and hair.
    Bad cable or wire, or power switch. Check all for loose connections or broken heads... Reseat any and all cables. If old, replace the hard drive and CD/DVD cable as they often fail as they age and harden.
    Look for a loose screw laying around somewhere on the motherboard.
    Motherboard is bad. Very difficult for which to test or examine. Look bad capacitors - little electronic components that look like small barrels... 1/2 inch to 1 inch high... see if any are swollen or are leaking rust colored dust. Boards can be bad and still have good looking capacitors. If you have access to a good magnifying glass, examine the entire board for rough spots or oily looking colors of the rainbow... anything that doesn't look quite right.
    CPU is bad. Rarest of problems. But do a smell test. You will know quickly if burnt or not right. Of course it can be bad without being burnt, too.
    Do a smell test on every card... video card, modem, audio, etc. Any card in a slot, if defective, can cause all sorts of problems and you will not know... Sometimes the smell test helps.
    Test your hard drive and DVD drives in another computer.

    Due to the age, and what you have already attempted, I don't think it will turn out to be a big issue like a motherboard or CPU... but memory and optical drives are notorious for trouble. Luckily a new system should still be under warranty.

    Do not ignore something as an issue, just because it is new.
    Good luck to you. Please get back to us on the final report of what worked or didn't work.
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