pagefault in nonpaged area from NTFS.sys

By TV4Fun
Mar 19, 2007
  1. Ok, so I have a 160GB USB hard drive, which I had had with a single partition in NTFS format. I used partition magic to shrink this partition and create a second partition, also in NTFS format. It appeared to have worked. Both partitions were there, I could access them both. In the course of copying some files from the first partition to the second partition, my system BSODed with the message that ntfs.sys had caused a pagefault in a nonpaged area. I rebooted the system, and while the system was rebooting it BSODed again with the same error. I turned the drive off and my system booted alright. I turned the drive back on, I heard the new hardware added sound, then my system BSODed again. This happens every single time I turn the drive on. It appears to take a few seconds after I turn it on, sometimes the system can read part of it and even do the autorun screen shortly before BSODing, but it happens very quickly. I'm pretty sure this is due to some corruption of the file system, or perhaps Windows XP just can't handle multiple NTFS partitions on a USB drive, but I can't seem to figure out how to fix this as I can't even plug the drive in and turn it on without my system crashing. I do have some valuable data on this drive and I would like to hold onto it. I have a partition magic boot disk, but it does not seem to recognize my drive, which is odd, because it does recognize my USB key which is on the same hub with the drive. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might start troubleshooting my drive? I've also attached a core dumb from one of the crashes.
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