Partioned HDD for XP which now reports an error on partitioning

By silver threads
Jan 15, 2005
  1. This is my second posting and I hope some kind and patient person can explain the error XP Home has found when installing it on my newly partitioned 40 gig HDD FAT 32. I reformatted from Win 98SE, ran fdisk and partioned my Hdd and then formatted each drive in turn, making C drive active to install XP. I seem to have hit an error somewhere but I do not know what it is or how to rectify it. The following details might help:

    - Format and fdisk shows HDD size as 39260Mb
    - Partioned C: as 35% gives 13741Mb (made active)
    - Partioned D: as 65% gives 25519Mb
    - XP reports HDD as 39261Mb
    - XP reports C: drive as 13743Mb (13729 free)
    - XP reports D: drive as 25517Mb (25504 free)

    XP selected C: drive to setup. The other choices on the screen were:
    To create a partition on the unpartitioned space press C
    To delete the selected partition press D

    I selected the highlighted C drive for setup and got this message "An error occurred while setup was updating partition information on: 39261Mb Disk0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on Atapi [MBR]
    Setup cannot continue. To quit setup press F3.

    Can anyone tell me what the "error" means?

    My other queries are: why is there a difference on the 2 HDD reports, what does XP mean by "free space" in the above context? Have I made a mistake in the partitioning or does XP create its own partitions? :confused: Also what is meant by "create a partition in the unpartitioned space" I do not know where the unpartioned space might be as I believed I had used it all.

    I would appreciate any help available. Many thanks
  2. genericuser100

    genericuser100 Banned Posts: 17

    sounds like a currupted mbr
    if you arent opposed to losing the info..i would delete th partitian on c and recreate a new one.
    if you are oposed to data lose.. then you can try a fdisk /mbr from a command prompt.. either from a boot disk or recover console on the cd.

    the differenc in fee space i belive is caused by your MFT (master file table)
  3. silver threads

    silver threads TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Partitioned hdd on xp now reports an error

    Many thanks for your reply. I tried a few times, then gave up and returned to Win 98SE as the computer was needed. I have noted what you suggested about the corrupted MBR and reformat and will try to get XP up and running, maybe without partitioning as a last resort, although I would prefer to keep the OS separate.

    Thank you once again for your helpful advice.

    Silver threads
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I don't think it's because of a corrupted MBR, more like the setup applications just treat the disk differently. Different Windows versions aren't always compatible with each other, not to mention other OSes.
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