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partition backup problems

By poyntdexta
Apr 3, 2007
  1. Ok, i have an 80 gig hard drive. Its got tons of spyware and other stuff i need to get rid of. But i have 60 gigs on that drive i want to save. What i want to do is.. move a 60 gig directory on that drive to its own partition, then format the remaining 20 gig partition. I have partition magic 8 however im having problems figuring out the correct procedure for this backup. I do not have an external nor DVD burner. i need to do the back up all on the same drive.
  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    additional hard drive recommended

    You are already running tight on space. The only space you have to work with is that allocation designated free or unused. With the free space turned into a partition (from a resize), move files from full partition to new partition. Full partition has been reduced. Used PM8 to resize both partitions, moving free from full partition to new partition. Apply this successively until all files have been moved. Use chkdsk /f on both drives before each use of PM8 to do the resizing.

    You should consider purchasing an addition hard drive. Use PM8 to copy partitions to new drive. Caution: this is essentially a clone operation. Boot.ini will change and you will be offered choices of boot OS. Additional restart required to register the clone drive. I call this dual boot with original as master. Next, reverse master & slave drives. Repeat dual boot (clone is now master). Additional restart may be necessary as before. Now comes the acid test: solo boot. Separate the disks. Invidually demonstrate that either is a bootable device. Then proceed to cleanse one of the disks of spyware/viruses. The other drive is reserve for the unthinkable disaster. I go this all this extra effort because I have suffered before. This method incurs an extra cost, but you have the extra storage and/or a spare drive.

    If error 1513 is seen from PM8, read this: http://entkb.symantec.com/security/output/n2004038302586462.html
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