Partition Magic Error help.

By jenpot
Feb 16, 2005
  1. i am in the process of reformatting and had created a partition a while ago where most of my files go. this was so if xp acted up again...i wouldn't have to go through with taking ownership of folders and files and moving it, yada yada.

    it was a 60 gig partition i believe. i have a 120 HD. i also had another partition where my vmware files went. i didn't need the vmware files so i deleted it and i wanted to merge the 60 gig and the 30 gig vmware partition.

    i set about doing it with partition magic [never had problems with it before]. it asked to boot and when it did...i waited for about an hour and the part where it tells you which percent of the work it has done...stayed at 26%. i thought that the process froze so i restarted the pc.

    a very very stupid move.

    when i rebooted back to windows...the 30 gig was still there but the 60 gig was gone! i opened up partition magic and a dialog box came out[see error.jpg attachment]

    this is what partition magic shows me when i open it up [see partitionmagic.jpg attachment]

    that unallocated space is the one i'm hoping to save. how do i go about this? i've never had to do data recovery of any this is pretty new to me.

    edit: recovered my files using GetDataBack.

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