partition unusable after virus infoection

By meehoo
Dec 10, 2005
  1. my case is as follows :
    a few days ago I caught some viruses ( actually twas for my younger brother's using IE and watching some pr0n) which i managed to get rid of after a nice battle with them and my shattered nerves. then i had some technical problems like cd-rw which started acting up and the like. i tried to mount it on a differently in that way everything would work properly, cause my major hdd was working ok only with one fixed connection. i started to mess around with that but i don't think this might have been the cause of my current inconveniences. anyway, the point is i found my partitions disappear actually for now ive got a raw unscheduled hard disk.
    i really wish somebody could help me out. so many relevant information stored on my hdd cannot be lost just like that. What shall I do now, mates? tell me...
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