Password Protected and Private

By xbalance
Apr 13, 2007
  1. I had a hard drive that I had to remove from an old computer running XP Pro. One of the users had password protected their login and marked their documents as private. I have the hard drive hooked up to another computer and I have followed instructions on another post on how to take ownership of the folder. Which worked.

    My issue is that some of the folders are still hidden (e.g. My Documents). I can see the my recent documents folder and when I click on the properties of one of the files it indicates that there is a my documents folder. I just have no visibility to the folder. I tried getting to it from the cmd window and that does not work either.

    How can I make the my documents folder reappear?

    Also, I have an Administrator account but it is not an option to login into it when my screen appears with all the users. How do I log in as Administrator if I can not select Administrator? I have other accounts with Administrator priveldges, but I want to log in as Administrator.

    Thanks for any help, Kurt
  2. Ididmyc600

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    When you say "Hidden" does the folder show in Explorer or is it missing, if so have you set your machine to show "hidden files and folders". (tools > folder options > view)

    It is possible that the user used windows encryption if so there is no getting to the files

    To logon as administrator at the welcome screen, either turn off the welcome screen in the "users" section of control panel or as a temporary thing press
    CTRL ALT then DEL twice, this will bring up the normal windows logon box.

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