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Feb 6, 2007
  1. Hi, wonder if someone can help me? Can i set up a pc (windows xp) so that no one can download anything without a password? My pain in the bottom kid sister seems to have a disorder that makes he NEED to download anything that appears on the screen and its a nightmare!! sometimes its just games and screensavers but sometimes its programme trials (that she doesnt even know what they do!!) and general rubbish. Not only is she clogging up space on my dads pc with all this rubbish but when se downloads she isnt careful where she downloads to and has frequently ended up with things sharing files to the degree that if deleted other things dont run correctly!! She then tries to delete things when the pc runs funny and wonders why the pc crashes because she has removed a vital compnent! Ive had to re-install windows loads of times because of this! He's getting a new pc and i dont want her to be able to download anything without supervision - ive tried telling her not to do it but she just carries on anyway and dad wont ban her from using it. i thought of just chopping off her hands (only joking!!:evil: :haha: ) but realisticly i wondered if i could protect the computer with some sort of password that is needed everytime anyone tries to download something. any ideas??
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    You can either set the child to use the Guest account, which by defaults limits the PC to only run applications on that PC, and disable downloading (among everything else) or set up a Limited Account. That way you have two accounts. One being restricted (for junior) and one with admin rights or higher rights than junior's..

    Otherwise if you are getting a new PC get it with Vista, because there is some better parenting controls built into it.
  3. crazyfrog339

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    sorry to appear thick but would she still be able to download things from the internet on a guest or limited account?
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    Yes, I think you can with no trouble
  5. SNGX1275

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    It can be set up where you can still download things, but aren't allowed to install.
  6. crazyfrog339

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    Thanks, think ive sorted it now, if i set her a limited account up i can change her internet options to disable file downloads therefore prevent her downloading anything without consent of the administrator. Just tried it on my own PC and while in the admin account i can do whatever downloading and installing i want but while in a limited account if i try to download anything i just get an error message that tells me i do not have permission to download and i should contact the system administrator. Thanks for your help hopefully this will prevent her from causing any further trouble!!haha!!
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