pavilion ze5000 screen problem

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Sep 26, 2007
  1. I have a laptop that I am trying to repair for my friend. I have opened it up and reseated all the connections for the screen including the one on the lcd. The laptop has been hooked up to a computer monitor and it looked normal. Do you have any idea what part I will need to fix this problem?

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  2. nismo91

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    hmmm... it does look like a dead-pixel...
    but the number of pixels that shows up are large...
    perhaps those pixels are stuck???

    use this program to check how many more pixels were affected:

    frankly i don't know exactly what happen cause i nvr see such problem before...
    anyway welcome to techspot :)
  3. mscrx

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    it might be the cable to the lcd or the graphics card itself. I had similar issues with different Dell laptop models. external screen works fine but the lcd looks crazy. does it change - even if its just for a second - if you move the lid? sometimes it can be just a connector which is not plugged in 100%.
    but I don't think its faulty pixels...

    regards, mscrx
  4. chips2481

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    Sorry I got the notification for this thread sent to my bulk mail. I have tested the lcd on another laptop and it worked fine. The lcd cable plugs right into the motherboard so there isn't a video card. I see one small wire on the cable that is frayed on the part that connects to the motherboard. I am going to buy a new cable and hope that works. Thanks for the help anyways
  5. mscrx

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    Yeah, the frayed cable might be the cause. As for the video card - there is actually no video card but there is a video chip on the mobo which usually is also called a video card.
    good luck and hopefully the cable will fix your problem!
  6. Tedster

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    Your LCD screen is cracked and/or broken. It will require replacement. You can buy LCD replacement kits online or you can get it repaired at a shop. Some makers warrant the LCDs also.
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