Pavillion recovery disk trouble

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Jun 17, 2007
  1. I need a little help. I have a HP a430n and I am having a hardtime trying to have the recovery disk work. It was burn when the pc was bought some time ago and now that I need it won't boot. All it does is: Starting the HP recovery...then it goes to a black screen and that's it. I tried the F10, Esc key to have it boot from the cd. I also took the HD out and attached to another pc as slave and found out that the c: partition still have the recovery files on it and the D: partition was not set (for some reason) so I create a extended partition D:. Still can't figure out how to have it recovered. Any suggestion is welcome. Thank you for now.
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    look at the BIOS and see if the system registers the HD as present. If not, I suspec it is dead (despite working once on another system). Also check that all the BIOS settings for the HD are on auto.
    Does the CD register as well? I have seen a bad CD drive as slave stop either of the drives registering.
    Hope this helps.
  3. taylub

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    hey jstos, im having the same problem and I did what AlbertLionheart said and it detects the hdd so if you get it working magicly please share it with me :)

    quick question, does you pc boot into windows at all?
  4. jstos

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    Unfortunetly there is nothing on the HD. About the BIOS detecting the HD yes it is. I got from the Maxtor site the software to check the HD and it is fine. I also bought from the 8 disk set for this specific pc and had no luck. I still get stucked at the same screen. There must be a little something that I am not aware to make this disks to work. And it must be a little detail. If I can't figure out I'll have to send the PC to computersurgeons since they don't charge to reinstall everything. (but I still have to pay for the 2 way shipping.) It would be my last resource.
    Thank you for now.
  5. taylub

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    have you tryed all the SATA connectors? ( if its sata

    that sucks to have to send it back, atleast you didnt buy it from compusa like i did and then they decide to leave town :{

    how much is their shipping fee?
  6. herr5407

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    I was fixing an HP not too long ago and I'm sure there is a key you can hit during the POST screen to boot from the recovery partition. I'm not 100% sure on this one but it's worth a try.
    Try that website

    This will help you figure out whether its a hardware problem or possibly faulty recovery disks (seen it many times before)
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