pc black screen

By Larryz
Oct 11, 2007
  1. Often ill turn on my pc, and it just does nothing the power light comes on but the monitor, displays nothing, not even the gateway logo, its gateway machine.

    Then if i persist(many many times like 100) it will boot finally but it crashes.. after say for example checkinng email. or something else. it might crash now for example.

    why wont it least be consistent never boot, at all then i might think ok its dead but when it does boot its ok, it will play sound files browse the net etc.

    The back to hard drive noise cd noise and nothing else, my pc has a brand new hard drive and a brand new installation of xp professonal, i am a graduate of computing. Not a expert in hardware but know of the boot seqence etc, and it wont look at the A:\ drive, not at all, i have a bootable disk in it.

    But other times , yes ok it loads windows 98. I know i said windows xp but i wanted to get to a command prompt.

    surely it should at least look at the a: drive every time its like, it has its own agenda. i am stuck.

    I did find some virus on the old drive maybe this is it, but now they appear to be gone, well at least every time i search for them using AVG, and microsoft sofrtware. It says no threats.

    Why does it often just sit there with: PC power green light on, hard drive starts, cd rom starts. but no change in the pc monitor, its remains totally blank no beeps no error messages , not gateway logo no flashes nothing dead.

    Then i try again and nothing and again nothinng lol lol
    but then later why it starts i dont know. and then it will crash.? ?

    thanks sorry for ranting i am fed up.
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