PC Boots to BIOS Set-Up Everytime.. Please help..

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Sep 30, 2005
  1. Hi guys.. I've read a lot on these forums but not much of a poster.. I'm a noob but know the basics. I'd be really gratefull for any help on this matter.

    Here is the problem...
    It seems that I've always had some problems here and there with my set up.. But it's gotton way worse.
    Everytime the PC is turned off then back on or even restarted it goes into configuration/Bios set-up mode. Everytime it does this the boot sequence is out of whack along with the clock and any other settings.. (Almost as if I just put the PC together and am going to run the initial system set up).

    So after setting it up it runs fine.. Works great on all games except CS:Source. Now sometimes it's ok but most of the time when playing CS:Source the Screen freezes and I have to reboot by holding in the button.. then to set up/Bios mode again.. Also on occasion after restarting the PC when it freezes during cs:source the screen will be completly RED or even BLACK.. but the mouse cursor is there and I can see it wants to highlight the stuff on the desktop. To fix this problem I end up booting up in Safe Mode.. Uninstall the current ATI XP64 Driver, then reinstalling it and it's fine again.

    Here's the funny thing.. The whole system set/BIOS up thing will happen even if I don't play CS source.. Anytime I turn it off to go to bed and start her up in the am it does the same thing. Almost like the memory isn't remembering my settings.. I thought it might be the battery backup but the PC is damn near brand new.

    Also forgot to mention that I have to use the little jumper to clear the CMOS when the PC freezes because sometimes it wont even boot at all after that.


    Here are my system Specs:
    Motherboard: MSI 939 Socket Motherboard K8T Neo2 (VIA K8T800 pro chipset based)
    Processor: AMD 64 3500+
    O/S: XP64..
    Memory: 2 Gig Memory (two 1024 Sticks) Geil
    Drive C: 74GB Western Digital Raptor HD @10,000 RPM's (Programs)
    Drive D: 250GB Western Digital HD @7,400 RPM's (Storage/Movies etc..)
    Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9800pro 128
    FPS in Counterstrike:Source: 120fps (During Stress test) and anywhere from 75-200fps (in game)
    2 CD-R Drives (Nothing Special, Just a Writer and a burner)
    Case: I forgot but it's basic with 3 fans
    Power Supply: Forgot Brand but it came with the case and is 450w
    1 Floppy Drive (Brand Unknown)
    19" Flat Screen 700/1 Hyundai LCD Monitor with 8ms refresh rate
    Sound: Some type of 7.1 Integrated Sound card built into Mortherboard. I only use three speakers though. 2 on the sides and 1 base on the floor.
  2. SOcRatEs

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    Try changing out the cmos battery.
    Any drug store/camera section should have them.
    Seems it's the eprom/cmos loosing power.
  3. Indetrucks

    Indetrucks TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    I replaced the CMOS battery and now it holds its memory.. Strange though... That was supposed to be a newer batter. What would cause a newer battery to die?

    Still having PC Freeze Issues when playing CS:Source though... Guess it's just not compatible.
  4. gizmofish

    gizmofish TS Rookie

    re freezes

    hi, do you get a message "virtual memory low" when it freezes? or it may be that you need a patch for cs to run properly. your set up certainly looks as though it should cope fine with cs. as regards the battery, occasionally you will get a duff one here and there. just one of those things...annoying though !
  5. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    They do that sometimes, not sure why.

    I can not imagine any game choking that cpu.
    I see you have the same chipset as my abit, I recommend getting
    the latest via hyperion drivers viaarena.com
    Pick your OS and read through to pick the right chipset for you.
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