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Mar 19, 2006
  1. hi, i want to build a new pc (first time)..i can put it together easily, but want to know what else their is to it..i know that i will have to install driver and windows, but what else is their...do i have to do anything with bios or anything..thanks to all
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    The quick answer:
    1. research the parts
    2. buy the part
    3. assemble the parts
    4. install windows
    5. install drivers
    6. install software (anti-virus, firewalls most important!, then any other software you want to run)

    When I built mine a few months ago (my first build), I barely made any adjustments to the BIOS. I was happy with nearly all of the default settings. This really depends on your preferences, in a lot of cases.

    But, my best advice is don't jump into it...mine went together almost without a hangup because I spent a lot of time researching, reading this forum and product reviews, and asking questions.

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    Keep any changes to the BIOS simple, at least at first. Set the date and time and set the boot order to your optical drive first so you can install Windows. You can change it later.
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    My first experience was pretty simple, once I knew how to install windows :p

    But then it was the P3 era... can't remember much of it now. (also era of Win 2k, which for some reason I thought was pretty easy to install)
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    nope... that's all there is to it. Just make sure all your hardware is compatible

    The default BIOS settings should be fine. The time will be set during the windows installation, and you shouldn't have to change the boot order because until windows is installed, the CD drive will be the only bootable device anyways... good luck with your build and have fun :)
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    I recommend a 3800+ X2, 1GB Corsair value select and a 6800GS. Wait...you didn't ask for parts did you?
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    what i recomend is dont give up when your stuck like when i built my first pc...........
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    One major thing to remember is when you buy an optical drive make sure it comes with an IDE cable. If it doesn't, either don't get it, or ask if you could get one.
    Oh, and remember to change the boot order so that your optical drive is set as all three...
    Keep a computer connected to the internet and on the TechSpot site, so that if you have trouble you can ask for help.
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    most motherboards come with enough IDE cables to plug in all the drives you can plug into the motherboard anyway.

    And this is a relatively old thread... why is it suddenly ressurected?
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    government conspiracy?
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    How to Build a Computer...

    Here is Coolmatt's 4-Step Approach to purchasing parts for building a new computer...

    1.) What do you want your computer to do?
    2.) What do you need for your computer to do that?
    3.) Are the parts you are getting high quality and will last for a long time?
    4.) Are all the parts compatible with each other?

    Once you have answered these questions with a positive, confident answer you are ready to buy the parts to build you new computer.

    Before you start buying parts, here are the REQUIRED parts to build a computer...

    Central Processing Unit (CPU)
    Cooling System (Fans, CPU Fan/Heatsink, etc.)
    Power Supply Unit (PSU)
    Hard Drive Disk (HDD)
    Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)
    Optical Drive (CD-Rom drive for installing OS)
    Video Card or Mobo w/ Integrated Video

    Optional Requirements:

    Floppy Disk Drive
    Computer Case (Best to have one)
    Sound Card
    Network Card (Should already be on Mobo)

    Once you made sure that each item you bought corresponds to this list, it is time to build your computer with the parts...

    First you want to assemble the parts together (assuming you know which goes where). After you want to boot up the computer and press F8 when the computer is going through POST. A list will then appear with information on which drive you wish to boot from. There, you will want to boot from the Optical Drive (CD-ROM) while making sure the OS disk is in there. Press any key when it says so and follow the rest of the instructions to format and partition the drive with the OS.

    Afterwards you basically want to install the drivers for all your hardware after you get the OS up and running. That's basically it really, enjoy.
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