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PC crashing, Please help!!

By towhatben
Nov 16, 2006
  1. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to pc's so i might need stuff explaining a lil bit....
    But basically i've had my pc only about 8 months and its been running fine until last week it started crashing whenever i was playing counterstrike:source.
    I thought it was just in the game but recently its been crashing randomly when i'm not even doing muhc, just listening to itunes. It also seems to crash everytime i was watching videos on a site. It also seems like my pc has been more laggy and seems like its struggling quite a bit sometimes.
    The crashes are mostly just complete freezes where the only way to get out is to turn the power off to my pc but a couple of times it has just restarted it for me. No error messages.

    I've tried defragging, windows error check, i bought max registry cleaner, and ive reinstalled activex, my sound and video drivers but nothing has helped.

    I'm not too sure on the exact details of my pc but if you need them i can fish them out but its got intel dual core processor 2.66 ghz and 1gb ram, mostly fairly decent stuff i think, what i don't get is its been running fine for montsh and i'm not doing really demanding things so i guess thats not the issue?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. sultan_emerr

    sultan_emerr TS Rookie Posts: 61

    Random restarts/reboots/resets/crashes/freezes could be due to several reasons, including overheating, RAM, hardware issues, etc., just do the following and post back with the info so that we can narrow it down some.

    Try rebooting(restarting) in safe mode, then go to control panel/ system / advanced Tab/ startup and recovery box/ settings button/ sytem failure and uncheck "restart on system failure" ( take the check out of automatically restart box ) , and check the Write a system event, and the Admin alert boxes (check "send admin alert"). This will force a BSOD on the next crash (freezes/restarts = crashing) that posts the Stop Error Code. On the next crash write down the exact Stop Error Code and post that exact error here back on this thread. (While you're waiting for a reply, you can put that error code in Google search, and in the MS Support Knowledge Base (KB) = to check it out.-
    http://support.microsoft.com/search/?adv=1 ).

    Also go to your device manager (devmgmt.msc) and check the properties and look for anything suspicious and check that the settings are where they should be.

    1. Overheating(Open the case and check to see how much dust has collected inside it, and if there is alot of dust get a can of compressed air and blow the dust out and clean out all dust bunnies, etc. on the heatsink/;fan combo,etc.; and be sure all the fans are spinning and properly functioning ). Install diagonstic tools like MotherboardMonitor= http://mbm.livewiredev.com or Everest = http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4181.html , and check the tempurature.

    2. Poor power supply (weak power supply or noisey / dirty electricity). If possible, swap the RAM and Power Supply (PSU) around with another computer.

    3. Bad driver or drivers not updated, or a device conflict. Pull the connectors and push them back on. Reseat all of the cards. RightClick - my comp/properties/select the hardware tab/click device manager/see if there are any "!" next to anything. Try updating the drivers from the manufacturers' websites.

    4. Not enough memory or bad Ram. You might need to add more Ram. Missmatched ram or a bad stick of ram will cause this also. Try reseating and or swaping the ram sticks. Make sure they are seated/snaped in firmly.
    Run Memtest86: = http://www.memtest.org
    FREE RAM Diagnostic Tool. - CST Inc.s DOS based DocMemory = http://bucarotechelp.com/computers/default.asp .

    5. Could be IRQ conflict

    6. Perhaps the CMOS battery on the motherboard is going bad and needs to be replaced. Check it to be sure.
    Also check your pc clock's time and day, to be sure it is set correctly.

    7. Hard drive could be failing.

    8 Right click desktop/properties/screen saver/Power/Hibernate tab ,and make sure hibernation is not enabled, and cleann out your Cache & Cookies & Temporary Internet Files and Folder: = http://www.coloarts.state.co.us/cleanFiles.asp[/L]

    9. Make sure you have updated all programs and hadrdware.

    10. Motheboard short (loose screw, misplaced mounting standoff , etc.)
  3. towhatben

    towhatben TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I think thats how you want it right?
    It crashed a couple of times since i've had that and neither times has it come up with an error warning?
    Have i done something wrong?
    Thanks for the help
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