PC crashing

By geoman71
Sep 30, 2005
  1. I have an 1.2GHZ AMD Athlon Athlon processor and have plenty of RAM my OS is Windows 2000. I don't know what the make of the graphics card is but I will find out. Over the last few months the PC has began to crash regulary, whenever I try to play a game, transfer via USB cable or sometimes for no appparent reason it crashes and over last two weeks the PC crashes and a message appears saying "out of range" whenever I try to start a new game in Football Manager 2005 but i've now fixed the out of range problem by changing the colours to 16bit. When it crashes the CPU light just stays on and when I restart the PC at the startup screen sometimes it crashes again so I switch of the PC for a few minutes then I switch it back on again and it works fine until the next time it crashes. Im quite sure its not the fans because I have installed an extra one and made sure all the other ones are working and my PC is very well ventilated.

    I was just wondering did anyonehave any ideas or now how to solve the problem, any help or suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

    If any more info or specs about my PC is needed, I can find out.
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