pc destroryer cont.

By saron88
Feb 26, 2005
  1. :hotouch: to:tbrunt3
    thank u for reply i have checked every thing inside back down to board but the issue with my cpu and ram specs only shows up with my ati tv wonder
    the config tool says im running much lower than my sys info reports
    it also says my cpu doesnt support mmx (whatever that is) but i cant find any way to tell. im continuing my search for info on the cpu which is :

    x86fam. 15 mdl. 2stpping 4 intel 1999Mhz

    im also curious as to why my sys info states that i have 256 Mb ram but only 56 available am i just not getting it or what?
    im fairly new to all of this but i do have some wits about me however im not understanding where my avl ram is?
    is that too basic for this forum or no :hotouch:
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