PC Freezes using dual monitor's and IBM Laptop LCD screen

By roswelltx
Sep 14, 2005
  1. Hi, I am a newbie here but thought someone could help. I have and IBM T30, using a IBM Docking station. I have hooked a second monitor up to the docking station that allows me to have 2 monitors running off the one internal serial device. I have added an ATI rage video card to allow me to have 3 monitors working together. This has workied for other's in the past. Here is the problem, when you work for a little while it will then freeze, causeing you to have to hard boot, then it will freeze all the time. Another latop will do the same thing. I have swapped out to a different docking station with another card of the same type and it does the same thing. I have updated driver's and done everything I can think of. My laptop has 1gig of memory so that shouldn't be an issue. Please any suggestions? Please Help!
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