PC freezes with RAM help plz

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May 1, 2007
  1. hi all,
    i've got 2 RAM slots with 256mb in each....my PC freezes after opening ne thing....but it dosent freezes up seriously...but the red light in front just gets lited up constantly during the freeze as if it is using it all the time...even when nothing is running....BUT...when i shake my Pc with my hands...it gets OK gain...then again after few sec's...it freezes...but after waiting for abt 2-3 min it remains fine until i run something again.....if i dont shake it (during the freeze) for 5min...then the inpage kernel error on the blue sreen appears...after which i've to restart the PC
    and another big problem is......1 of my 256ram has disappeared....after which i changed there slots(with 1 another) and still i have 256mb.....
    the only difference is....that now Everest is showing that the other slot has 256mb RAM....i.e 1 stick has problem....
    what can i do??
    plz help.. Thanx!
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  3. a_b

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    ok...i've tried to pull it out and then install back again..abt twice or thrice...
    changed them with 1 another as well...i think they r inserted nicely...nothing works..
    can the RAM become virus infected??....if it does... then how to clean it?.
    coz then it might be the virus....guide was helpfull though!
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    Must be something loose if you can shake it back to normal. Check everything is solidly connected and I mean EVERYTHING. Even Hard Drive/Floppy/CD/DVD connectors, the IDE leads to the M'board, make sure the RAM clicks into the slot (the levers on the side should click) and your graphics card is showing no gold in its slot and all other cards are solidly pushed in.
    Something this simple can easily be overlooked.
  5. a_b

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    ohh..chking Everything reminded me that a floppy disk was stuck in my floppy drive.....so i had to take the floppy drive out of its position and then do some screw work and take the floppy out..since then the i had no problems with floppy's..but only after then when i switched my PC on..it used to freeze just b4 the WinXP logo...so i opened my PC again...chked everything and uninstalled and installed the RAM...which fixed the problem.....since then i've got the this latest problem of freezing and shaking.....so mayb during the floppy fixing work...something got wrong (moved)...
    but atleast i've chked the floppy drive position...which is ok....
    i'll try to see the other things...
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