PC Freezing - Weird Problem - Help Appreciated

By GarryMashir
Jan 14, 2008
  1. Hello everyone!! I am facing a weird problem with my pc.

    My windows xp home edition freezes up randomly everytime I start my pc.
    For example say I start my pc now, everything goes fine, and just when I try to move my mouse or do something it stops responding, nothing works. Neither mouse nor keyboard, nor the PC itself. I mean the fans are working, the pc is powered on but I have to press the restart button to get it working but same old story it freezes up after 1-2 minute, sometimes it freezes after 5-10minutes. I am not getting any blue screen or random restarts. I did get 2 times when it restarted by itself, but other than that it just freezes, nothing happens and it stays on like that forever.

    Things I tested.

    1. Power Supply - My power supply is working fine, in fact I bought a new one and I am using a new one and it is still happening.

    2. Plugs and wires - They are all fine. I checked them 2-3 times. Nothing loose.

    3. Any hardware problem? - I donno, because i bought another HD and i installed windows xp on it to quickly check out if there is any solution for this. So currently I am using windows xp home edition and its working fine. No freezing nothing. I have it running for few hours now.

    4. Any hard drive issues? - I donno, because it loads up but it could be as I am able to access windows in it for only few minutes as it randomly freezes.

    5. Windows Problem? - I donno, as I am not able to run a scan on the drive through repair utility through Dos, every time I try to run the repair thingy. I get an error saying that no hard drive was detected even though the drive is working.

    PC Spec

    Windows Xp Home edition
    AMD 64 processor
    2.40 Ggz 1 GB RAM
    Service Pack 2
    Hard disk = SATA 160 GIG

    I do not have a floppy disk drive btw, just thought I might tell it. I cannot check even viewer either,
    as pc is freezing up randomly.

    I think it has something to do with the hard drive. I am not hearing any voices.

    Please help me. Is there any way to get the files from the harddrive? As I am not even able to access it through
    this driver. In the past I was always able to start windows on my other HD and then just copy files from other harddrive on it. But here i dont even see the SATA HD on the list.

    I would like to get back my files from it.
    I would like to get my outlook email list and few emails from it.

  2. GarryMashir

    GarryMashir TS Rookie Topic Starter

    anyone please?
    I have tons of files that I want to get from that drive and my
    outlook emails and address list.

    latest update -:

    I have installed windows xp home edition on one of my other
    hd's and now i can get access to all drives on my pc.

    But now i am not able to access the documents and settings/my name file
    I keep getting access denied. All the files I need are located on my desktop.
    Any help is appreciated.
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