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Feb 5, 2006
  1. When I play pc games (Far Cry, Half life 2, Doom 3, F.E.A.R.), I don't get smooth gameplay. When I move the crosshair the image is not clear and I can't see the the environment clear until I stop moving my character or crosshair. So can someone please tell me how to fix that. I have Ati x850 pro AGP card and I have the latest 6.1 version driver. I called Ati but they couldn't help me with that. Any help will be greately appriciated. Thanks.

    AMD 64 3200 cpu
    1GB Ram
    Dell 20.1" wide monitor
  2. stratocasted

    stratocasted TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Tell us more about the image not being clear. Does it blur or what? Is the gameplay stuttered or slow or both? Not that I can help as I am having similar problems with framerate, but the others here might be able to help if you're a little more specific about the problem. Closing background processes like messengers & other active utilities would obviously help free your RAM and allow the game more processing speed, but I imagine the problem is more complicated than avalible system memory. Did the games you mentioned ever run to your liking, and if so can you recall making any changes to your system since then? These guys havent let me down yet so mebby they'll be able to help.
  3. Dennis_84

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    The problem I am having is, When I move the crosshair in the first person shooter, the image is blurry. I can't see anything clearly, I don't know if it's the FPS or something else. The game moves fast, performance is also good, and the graphics are good too. It's just the environment when I move crosshair that is not clear.
    I upgrade this card from Ati redeon 9550 to Ati x850 pro Agp, and I didn't have this problem with 9550. I have put everything on low, tried it on low resolution but it still didn't make any diference.
    I am running fraps and it shows me about 50 to 60 FPS in Far Cry so I don't know if that is normal or not.
    So please help me out with this problem. Thankx!!!!!!
  4. mattw

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    i have an X850XTPE agp, i used to get dodgy gameplay even with that card, but i shifted my ram around (2 x 512 sticks) and it has sorted all dodgy gameplay i previously had.

    try shifting you ram around if you have a few sticks, if you have 1gb stick, try just removing it then putting back in.

    if that does not work, maybe you have a hell of a lot of programs running in the background. try closing the ones that are not important/not needed whilst in games.
  5. Cartz

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    Run games at native resolution, the quality problems you seem to be having stem from LCD ghosting and running at a non native resolution.

    Spyware and Virus scan would also help, but it really sounds like you're just noticing ghosting problems on your LCD, also, try enabling VSync, as you may be noticing page tearing, as that monitor is likely only running at 60Hz.
  6. Wotrop

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    when not sure go to 800/600 rez. :slurp:
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