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PC Gaming Problem: Reboots within 10 minutes.

By bmealhouse
Jun 1, 2006
  1. Hi Everyone,

    I got my Desktop PC about 2 years ago and the last few months I've had some major gaming issues. Every time I play a game, my computer crashes and reboots within 10 minutes of starting the game. I receive the following Microsoft Windows error once my computer fully boots back up:


    After I saw that I checked out my Event Viewer and found the following Error:


    I've been trying to troubleshoot this error for quite some time now and I cannot figure it out. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. benken2202001

    benken2202001 TS Booster Posts: 115   +17

    Have you changed any internal hardware to cause this?

    If not, i'd say its a cooling problem.

    Open your case and check to make sure there is enough room for air to move around. Also, while you're inside, check to see if the fans have dust on them. Dust is your enemy. Clean them. (be careful if you plan to clean the CPU Fan / Heatsink. DO NOT DAMAGE your CPU).

    Worst case... you have HaxDoor Virus:

    Best case... reinstall your anti-virus software.
  3. bmealhouse

    bmealhouse TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I replaced the motherboard because my computer crashed non-stop even while I wasn't playing a game. So after I replaced the motherboard, its been working very well and only crashes when I play games.

    The computer is right next to a bed, a desk side panel, and pushed back against a wall. There is not much room for heat to escape and after it crashes it's very warm inside. I was thinking it was cooling problem as well so I took 1 side of my case off completly. I'm always sure to keep all my fans dust free. My video card's fan seems to have a problem getting up to speed so I think it may be a problem with my video card overheating? Any suggestions?

    My virus software is completly up to date and there are no viruses on my computer.
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