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pc no longer works after windows logout

By coolaid
Feb 15, 2006
  1. last night when i click on "logged out" in the start menu, something unforgiving happened.

    the instant i click on "log out" in windows, my screen went blank.

    and then...

    my pc starts flicking on and off then on and off like mad, i can tell by looking at the power indicator light in front of my pc, in other words:

    my pc RAPIDLY....

    -turns on

    -then off

    -then on again

    -then off again.

    -this on-and-off thing went on 10 times straight non stop, i panicked so i push the power button to turn it off.

    i then restart it and my pc butit failed to boot, it didn't beep at me like my old broken HP, but even after i restart it a couple of times, it still fails to boot, nothing but a blank screen and the busy singnal light keeps flashing at me.

    i also notice something strange, when i flick the little switch on the back of my pc to turn it completely off, my keyboard still has it's lights on, i don't understand what's happening, i'm really stress right now.


    i activate ASUS pc probe and it flashs a warning telling me that my "chasis fan is not spinning or deactivated".
    i went on to check all three of the fans and they seem to be working because i can feel the wind coming out of it, although the wind seem abit warm, the cpu, cpu and other fans and everything else is alright, went to bios and it still saids my chasis fan is "n/a"

    after a few failed boots my pc finally came back to life and it boots up as usual, but i'm so very worried.

    some say i might have clicked on "stand-by" accidently and usually most mother board and psu will go berserk or crazy becasue they don't support that mode, i don't know what i click one, i was too tired, i don't know i just don't know. so really what's happening to my pc, i really need help, thanks.

    also here's my spec for my new custom builted pc:

    pentium 4 2.6ghz

    -ASUS P5RD1-VM-UAYZ- motherboard

    80gb SATA hitachi HD

    1gb ram

    liteon dvd rom

    liteon dvd 16x rw

    focus geforce 6600 256mb

    shinro tv card

    please, help me, i'm not trying to show off or tell you lies or cause any disorder i just need your help, please help me i don't want to make the same mistake of my old hp to repeat again, please help me, please...;(;(;(

    i cried all night long last night, i couldn't sleep, it was just like last year, it was just like last year, my old hp did the same thing the last time it broke, i push the power button while it was booting and it flicks on and off and on and off like mad and it fried the mother board and cpu.
  2. puppetgrimm1

    puppetgrimm1 TS Rookie Posts: 50

    have you checked the power supply? The Fan on the power supply could be filled with dust stoping it from working. Also try cleaning out the entire case with canned air. This maybe your problem and its curtainly could'nt hurt. Anyway, maybe this will help.

  3. coolaid

    coolaid TS Rookie Topic Starter

    but it madly restart 10 times non stop, i thought it was on sleep mode but i realized te light on my pwer button is blinking way too fast to be in sleep mode, the pc was on a uncontrolable restart cycle!

    my pc failed to boot afterwards, but after a few more tries i've managed to boot it up, but i think everything inside is already damage....right?

    some ppl tells me that a virus is messing with my pc, can a virus do that? are they capable of doing such actions?
  4. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,102   +419

    Your chassis fan is a case fan, probably at the back of the case. Your method of testing it is inconclusive. Don't confuse it with your power supply fan. Look at the fan at the back of the case and see if the blades are spinning but, as I said, don't confuse it with the power supply fan, they are not the same.

    The chassis fan is connected to a power connector with sensor on the motherboard. If the sensor is reporting a true condition, replacing the defective fan could fix the problem.
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