PC,Nothing Starts UP

By Snipersteel5200
May 3, 2006
  1. I found an old HP 98 and I hooked it up looking at the things that were on it. Then I unplugged the power cable into mine and later back again. About 10 seconds after I started plugging the cables into the back I heard a small pop. I'm not sure where it came from but I didn't smell anythign burnt. I tryed to turn it on and nothing at all came on. I opened it and everything look fine and nothing looked burned or different. I borrowed my friends PSU and it didn't work either. HIs worked with his computer fine. I tryed connecting my PSU just to the CD drive and it opened when I turned it on. But the HP's PSU doesn't open the CD drive.
    I think this is whats it setup
    PSU:115 Input, 160max Output
    Intel Pentium III around 500mhz
    128 system RAM + 32 extended RAM
    Video-nVidia Riva TNT (HP Manufactered) 32mb I guess?
    Audio-Riptide Audio Something
    The motherboard is made by ASUS (HP Manufactered)

    I also had problems similar to this earlier when I actually used this computer where it started and everything powered on for 2 seconds and then just shutoff. When I tried it again nothing at all. Somehow after 1 and a half months it worked fine again.

    Thanks for the help
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